is het samenwerkingsverband tussen managementbureaus Margarita Production en Mokum.
Samen gaan we verder om een professionele ondersteuning te bieden aan onafhankelijke kunstenaars en artistieke projecten.

is een productie- en managementbureau voor individuele kunstenaars uit verschillende disciplines. Wij bieden ondersteuning op maat voor elke kunstenaar en elk project, van preproductie, productie, administratie en financieel beheer tot tourneemanagement en postproductie.

wil steeds nieuwe vormen van ondersteuning en projectbegeleiding ontwikkelen die aangepast zijn aan de behoeftes van individuele kunstenaars. Wij begeleiden per project of op langere termijn. Verspreiding en zichtbaarheid zijn voor ons cruciaal.

is echter geen agent of impresario. Verkoop maakt altijd deel uit van een grotere doelstelling om het artistieke parcours van een kunstenaar te ontwikkelen en de zichtbaarheid van een artistieke praktijk te vergroten.

Lees alles over HIROS
PUBLICATION Some use for your broken clay pots
>> The publication of the constitution which is presented during Some use for your broken clay pots is now for sale - for only 5€ - after the performance, via this weblink or at the KFDA Box office.
Join us for the première of SOME USE FOR YOUR BROKEN CLAY POTS by Christophe Meierhans
Buy your tickets for the première of
SOME USE FOR YOUR BROKEN CLAY POTS by Christophe Meierhans here.

And join us in Vooruit, Ghent on wednesday 19.02.2014 & thursday 20.02.2014 @ 20:00

Read the review of Sidney Leoni's UNDERTONE
Read the review of Sidney Leoni's UNDERTONE in Zagreb, Croatia here
Watch The interview Monty made with Georgia Vardarou.
'THIS PLACE' (a documentary performance) by M. Simoes & S. Manente on LivingRoomfestival Madrid
'THIS PLACE' (a documentary performance) by Marcos Simoes and Sara Manente with the invited 'artistic couple' Guillem Mont de Palol and Jorge Dutor will be shown at the LivingRoomFestival in Madrid (ES).

For THIS PLACE, Marcos Simoes and Sara Manente invite an 'artistic couple'. During two weeks they share a working space and a common ground of practices for 'displacement' with the aim of reshaping it and creating a new object for the public. The genesis of the practices were developed as alternative working methods of collaboration inspired by experiences of ESP (extra sensorial experiences). The result of each residency is presented as one variation of the project - "the displacement" -.
The project consists of every single as well as all the variations together. During THE LIVINGROOM FESTIVAL on 21 december 2013 you can see the video they made of their residency period in Barcelona, where they invited the 'artistic couple' Guillem Mont de Palol & Jorge Dutor. Both artists will be there to talk about the project.
More info & tickets:
Mokum + Margarita zoeken een nieuwe fulltime productiemedewerker (M/V)
Lees de vacature hier.
Stagiair(e) gezocht!
Mokum + Margarita zoeken een gemotiveerde stagiair(e) voor de nieuwe visuele identiteit voor onze samengestelde organisatie die we in 2014 zullen lanceren. Interesse?

Lees de volledige oproep HIER.
Tumbling speech, jumbling bodies, mumbling politics
Read the notes on the performance Ai! A choreographic project (Lilia Mestre & Marcos Simoes) by Jeroen Peeters.

"Aiaiai!" As I enter the Zilveren Zaal of Beursschouwburg (Brussels), these sounds tumble from my mouth upon seeing a space devoid of chairs and imagining myself spending the whole evening littered on the floor amidst a jumble of cushions and other spectators (...), until my thoughts and utterance are met after only a split second with an outburst of laughter at the other end of the space, where Lilia Mestre and Marcos Simões and Yannick Guédon have their ears pricked up for anything that rings like "Ai!", and when these reverberations reach my eardrums I'm already part of a relational spell that imbues me with a sense of lightness ballooning me over and through this dense pile of noise and bodies and stuff to then end in agreement with gravity and the surroundings on a cushion on the floor. Aiaiai!"

Video: boekpresentatie Dood in Fictie op 3 november 2013
Bekijk HIER het verslag door Focus WTV van de boekpresentatie Dood in Fictie door makers Peter Aers, Tijs Ceulemans en Leentje Vandenbussche afgelopen zondag 3 november in Vrijstaat O.
Februari 2015
Georgia Vardarou
Onassis Cultural Center, Athene - Athens
Georgia Vardarou
Onassis Cultural Center, Athene - Athens
Maart 2015
April 2015
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02 mei 2013 - by Mokum. - in Main

Excerpt from the article by Gianny Päng (Nero Blog):

"Sara Manente told me about the performanceFaire un four. The title is “an expression which comes from the 17th century theatre world and means ‘to suffer a defeat’”. Literally it means ‘to make an oven’ but it almost sounds like ‘to make a four’, hence ‘a quartet’”.
Four people (two boys and two girls) compose verbal (homophone games) and physical collections of gestures in which “the productivity of recognition as well as the opacity of things are questioned, confused and challenged”. In that performance, dance is considered an occupation of space in which everyone has to find his own place, not in an individualistic posture but in reworking the “4 as a multiple space which layers ways of doing things with dance, after a long practice of interpreting, altering and adapting each other’s movements”. Starting from these reflections, other questions have been raised. What does it mean to work together and build a common living space? Opening to the failure of the Other? How is it possible to share that kind of space? I have recorded few Sara’s answers…"

Listen to the interview

06 februari 2013 - by Mokum. - in Main

Hôtes et L'autre
Performance design
in the frame of Toc Tok Knock festival, KVS

Théâtre de Galafronie
16.02.2013 - 15h/15h30/16h
17.02.2013 - 15h/15h30/16h/16h30/17h
2&3.03.2012 - 15h/15h30/16h/16h30/17h

5 euro
NL, FR & ENG, zonder boventiteling / sans surtitrage / no surtitles



De meerderheid van de inwoners van Sint-Joost heeft geen Belgo-Belgische achtergrond. Voor Einat Tuchman en Nicholas Y Galeazzi vormt deze gemeente dan ook de ideale context om het begrip gastvrijheid te onderzoeken. Samen met een groep Sint-Joostenaars openen ze een laboratorium in Théâtre de Galafronie. U wordt vriendelijk uitgenodigd om er uw ideeën over de rollen van gast en gastheer te herdenken. Hoe kan u zelf de ‘genodigde’ van uw ‘gasten’ worden? U bent welkom om hierover van gedachten te wisselen, om iets te geven of iets mee te nemen. Dank u! Graag gedaan. Vaarwel en geniet!


The majority of the inhabitants of Sint-Joost do not have Belgian backgrounds. For Einat Tuchman and Nicholas Y Galeazzi, that makes this borough the perfect setting in which to examine the concept of hospitality. They opened a laboratory in Théâtre de Galafronie together with a group of local residents. You are warmly invited to reconsider your ideas on the roles of guest and host. How can you yourself become the ‘invitee’ of your ‘guests’? You are welcome to exchange ideas on this, to give something or to take something with you. Thank you! Don’t mention it. Goodbye, and enjoy it!


La majorité des habitants de Saint-Josse n’a pas de racines belgo-belges. Pour Einat Tuchman et Nicholas Y Galeazzi cette commune forme le contexte idéal pour examiner le concept d’hospitalité. Accompagnés d’un groupe de Saint-Jossois, ils ouvrent un laboratoire au Théâtre de Galafronie. Vous êtes cordialement invité(e)s à revoir vos idées sur les rôles d’hôte et d’invité. Comment pouvez-vous devenir vous-même l’invité’ de vos ‘convives’? Vous êtes le/la bienvenu(e) pour échanger quelques idées à ce sujet, pour donner ou prendre quelque chose. Merci! De rien. Au revoir et profitez-en!

“Let us say yes to who or what turns up, before any determination, before any anticipation, before any identification, whether or not it has to do with a foreigner, an immigrant, an invited guest or an unexpected visitor…”
Jacques Derrida, Of Hospitality, 2000


Concept, creatie & performance / concept, creation & performance: Nicholas Y Galeazzi, Einat Tuchman
Medewerking & video / collaboration & vidéo: Gosie Vervloessem
Productie / production: Mokum
Coproductie / coproduction: KVS
Gastheer / Hôte / Host: Didier De Neck, Théâtre de Galafronie

08 januari 2013 - by Mokum. - in Main

From Monday 18th till Saturday 23rd of February 2013,
Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) is organizing a reflexive and performative context on the question "What's the matter with money?"

In that frame, BUDA will host a workshop on the question WHAT'S THE CURRENCY OF ART? organized by Nicholas Y Galeazzi.

Alternatives to the contemporary economic system are in great demand. Many actors on all levels, backed with differing theoretical concepts, are searching for solutions to solve the financial crisis, to find new markets - or to change the system as a whole.

The current economic crisis is not only a result of some major failures in speculative practices; it is the outbreak of the constant crisis inherent to the system. In this workshop we will try to think of an economy beyond the provided financial system.

On the basis of the question "What's the currency of art?" we will try to understand 'economy as an artistic practice'. This re-appropriation of the economy through art shall be approached by occupying and re-appropriating economic structures and their terminologies and fill it with new practices and meaning. By colonising the vocabularies, the practices and the appearance of economy, we will have to reevaluate both the common value system of art and the common notions of economy.

In reaction to our observations to the current macro economic policy the workshop strives to establish a micro-economic climate from an artistic perspective. We will work on an environment for trade and exchange, for speculation and depth, which is ruled by artistic values, rates and balances.

We will have to ask, what are we really 'dealing' and 'trading' with? What is/was our real contribution to the crisis and how do we fictionalise the changes to come? What kind of traps are we constantly falling into as artists? We will discuss the core of what economy is and should provide for us personally and for a society as a total.

These speculations shall lead into spatial models wherein the specific economic ideas can be tested. The emerging installation will be a reaction to the basic question of the Symposium following this workshop: "What's the matter with money?"

Practical details?
- the workshop is for free and open to everyone
- the workshop will take place every day from 10am until 6pm, except on Saturday 23/02: from 12am until 7pm
- catering will be organized (lunch: 6 euro/meal)
- there is no accommodation foreseen for the participants

Send an e-mail to before 15/01/2013.

Please mention if you are taking the lunch or not.

06 december 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

From December 3rd to 14, 2012
WP Zimmer, AntwerpBE

During a two week residency period in Wp Zimmer, Lilia Mestre & Marcos Simoes will develop their performance project Ai!. The apparatus of the performance will be a systematic series of acts being them activities, dances, videos, speeches or music, etc., displayed one after the other or next to each other creating an amalgam of relations. By adopting this fragmented format they want to engage the audience in a ritualized theater event, which is seeking to manifest the importance of process in the construction of the world. Mestre & Simoes want the work to be a series of devices in constant transformation. Read more...

23 november 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

December 14 -16 2012, Stockholm

TTT 2012

Participants: Rasmus Ölme, Tilman O'Donnell, Gabriel Schenke, Franziska Aigner, Lilia Mestre, Elizabeth Waterhouse and Malin Elgàn.

The Weaving Politics symposium will serve as a platform for TTT (Teaching the Teachers) within the frame of Jardin d'Europe, selecting specific lectures to attend and to discuss questions arising from theoretical, artistic or teaching practice in relation to the ideas put forward by the speakers at the symposium.

The aim with this TTT is to assemble different perspectives on theoretical and artistic practice, in order to generate some questions or further develop frameworks as to how politics and art making might relate in contemporary European performance today.

Weaving Politics is a symposium initiated by Cristina Caprioli, choreographer, ccap artistic director and Professor of Choreography at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. The symposium is a part of the performative installation Human Writes (above) and will be held December 14 - 16 in Stockholm. It is a key event of a two-year research project conducted by Cristina Caprioli with the support of the Swedish Research Council. Weaving Politics is produced by ccap, the University of Dance and Circus, Dansens Hus Stockholm, in collaboration with Cullberg Ballet.

More info:

22 november 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

12 December 2012, 18h @ Kaaitheater, Brussels.

Artists reveal themselves in their work. They give us a glimpse of what is going on in their minds, in their hearts. They inspire us. But who or what inspires them? This season, Kaaitheater is launching a new series of conversations with artists: Soul Food. On Saturday 8th November 6PM, the table will be set for Soul Food#2. Superamas will reveal their sources of inspiration and great examples to interviewer Pieter T'Jonck (De Morgen) and a small audience. There will be food and drinks for all. Superamas chooses the dessert!

Tickets: € 12, meal included
Info & tickets

Kunstenaars geven zich bloot in hun werk. Ze gunnen ons een inkijk in hun hoofd, in hun hart. Ze inspireren ons. Maar wie of wat inspireert hen? Het Kaaitheater lanceert dit seizoen een nieuwe reeks gesprekken met kunstenaars: Soul Food. Op zaterdag 8 november om 18u wordt de tafel gedekt voor Soul Food#2. De Superamas onthullen hun inspiratiebronnen en grote voorbeelden aan interviewer Pieter T’Jonck (De Morgen) en het publiek. Er is eten en drinken voor iedereen. En de Superamas kiezen het dessert!

Tickets: € 12, maaltijd inbegrepen

20 november 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

ICE HOT - Nordic Dance Platform, 12 to 15 December 2012
Helsinki, Finland

More More More
is a series of visual presentations where the selected dance companies and choreographers present their work off-stage. Each artist has 15 minutes to show what their work is about, and each session features presentations from 4 artists.

On December 14th, 2012 Sidney Leoni presents his recent and future works: Undertone, War of Fictions and his new project WHITEOUT.

More info on the website of Nordic Dance Platform.

13 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

Makers Leentje Vandenbussche en Peter Aers gaan in gesprek met actrice Marijke Pinoy en Raf Walschaerts van Kommil Foo over het thema van de voorstelling, het sterven en de dood.

Aansluitend (omstreeks 21u) start de monoloog LIGHT.
Meer info vind je hier.

03 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes have been invited to develop and present their new project This place in Seoul and Gwanju in the frame of the 'Project Development Initiative 2012', organized by the Korean Ministery of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

During the first period of the residency in Seoul, Manente and Simoes will work on the practice of This place. Afterwards, This place will be presented on the 'Asian Arts Theatre Residency' in Gwanju.

About This place

This place starts from the idea of displacement as motor, vector, generator of physical movement, sense and values. In their new project Manente and Simoes want to apply this notion to the relation between objects, performers, space and the words we use to designate things.

To take displacement as the motor and as a tool means for us to keep on "displacing" the project itself, its proposal, its performativity and its context. There is a sense of urgency and exhaustion, on the act of misplacing and renewing. The project wants to shape a performative situation on each location and show it not as a work in progress but as a temporal object.

This place is a very intuitive and concrete mechanism to build layers of reading and make evident that a 'thing' can also always be.

concept/creation: Sara Manente 
& Marcos Simoes - performance/ creation: Kyung Ae Ro & Jeong Eon-ji and other guests - production: CABRA vzw - executive producer: Mokum vzw - project supported in part by Asian Arts Theatre's 2012 Project Development Initiative, funded by Office for Hub City of Asian Culture in Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism - with the support of the Flemish Community - Thanks to Bains Connective Brussels

12 juni 2012 - by Mokum. - in Main

From June 21 until August 26 2012 the ARTER Gallery in Istanbul presents an exhibition with works of the Belgian visual artist Berlinde De Bruyckere.

In the frame of this exhibition, Berlinde De Bruyckere invited choreographer and dancer Vincent Dunoyer to create a performance in the gallery context.

More info about the exhibition and the performance can be found on the website of ARTER Gallery.